Mythical Rank

30.00 USD

This is the Mythical Rank.

This rank give you access to the following:

/hat (allows you to put any item in your hand.. ON YOUR HEAD!)

/ec (allows for you to access your Ender Chest from anywhere!)

/fix (allows you to repair/fix any item with durability in your hand)
128 Ultra Balls

128 Rare Candies

12 Master Balls

4 NON-Legendary Shiny Pokémon of your choosing

2 Shiny Legendary/Mythical Pokémon of your choosing

As for all ranks, you also gain access to any bonuses from previous ranks. 

However Unlike all of the previous ranks, Mythical also gives you ALL of the Pokémon "Tokens" that are given with the previous ranks.

Meaning you are going to receive an extra 5 Non-Legendary Shiny Pokémon and 2 Shiny Legendary/Mythical Pokémon of your choosing!